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After a good year, the executives of the Estate Rent Commission Agent Association of Nigeria (ERCAAN),Kwara chapter met one last time to discuss the ups and downs, the progress the made under the current executives and the process for the coming year to grow the awareness of the association.

Ercaan is a real Estate association that was formed to regulate the activities of genuine and honest service providers in the country and with the sole aims of bringing integrity and credibility to the real Estate profession. 

It was chaired by the Chairman of the chapter Hon Wasiu Olayanju, the Vice Chairman, Secretary and the coordinator of each zones in Kwara state.

The major talk point of the meeting was to finalize the move to halt the business of agents who aren’t registered with the association and who continue to swindle innocent tenants with exuberant rates and others. This move had to be made since tenants continue to fall for this agents who don’t have their best interest at heart.

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They were kind enough to host a representative of IILE for their annual get together. Yes, even the executives of ERCAAN get to have fun after a long year of work. Don’t we all?

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