We are all aware that Coronavirus epidemic is claiming many lives everyday globally. Apart from practising social distancing and washing of hands which are very good, you also need to get your body moving with DRDREFITNESS.

Importance of Physical Activity With DRDREFITNESS

Physical activity can be an effective treatment strategy for the excessive loneliness that accompanied the lockdown that often leads to depression and anxiety. Each day is a new opportunity to engage in physical activity and exercise that can bring short and long-term benefits for mood, sleep, and physical health. Consistency and sustained motivation may be enhanced by peer support, family support, or electronic platforms offering exercise programs.

You can achieve these by getting outside for a walk with Drdrefitness and other lovers of good health.

When and Where We Will be Meeting

The walk holds this Saturday 13 February, 2021. Use this opportunity to bond with your S/O or meet someone new, it’s all up to you. The walk starts at Noktel hotel, (No 8, Catchment Road, GRA, Ilorin). You can also get the branded T-SHIRT from Drdrefitness to support the walk.

IILÉ will be present there to bring you live updates and we are looking forward to seeing you there.

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