House hunt in Nigeria is an extreme sport, a lot of people can recount their experiences in the hands of agents that will stop at nothing to make their customers rent houses from them. While some have been lucky to get their dream house, others have had to deal with lies that make devil look like a learner in front of these agents.

I have compiled a list of common things these overzealous agents have said that almost anyone can relate to if you’ve ever gone on a house hunt.

iile house hunt

Sweet and Spacious Apartment

Once you hear this term, you should be careful o. This is what agents have used to lure unsuspecting people. We might have to sit some of them down and explain what spacious means and please, how can an apartment be “sweet”? You’d be surprised to get there and see that a cubicle is bigger than what they termed sweet. Thank God for IILÉ, they know what spacious mean.

iile house hunt

We will fix the apartment once you make payment

Run, I repeat, abort mission. Any apartment that hasn’t been completed to your taste should not be paid for because that might be the last meaningful renovation that your apartment will undergo. Nothing spurs an agent or house owner to fix up an apartment than the promise that full payment won’t be made till it’s done.

iile house hunt

The place is not too far from the road

House agents might be the last people to make heaven if they ever will because what is this lie? Once an agent repeatedly informs you that an apartment is not too far, be prepared to walk extra miles, take bike, alight and walk again. I trust that the agent will keep reminding you that the place is just around the corner until you’ve reached the border.

We will return your caution fee when you are leaving

These people are so sweet-mouthed when it comes to collecting the “total package” from you. They have coined different terms for the milking that they want to do. The only thing they’ve not been able to rebrand is the caution fee but trust them to promise that this fee would be refunded the moment you are no longer in need of their house.

There is running water

Agents would tell you everything that they know would make you choose their apartments over others and it is not like they are lying o, they just like to color the truth. When some of them tell you that there is running water, do not be too surprised to see that there is only one well supplying water to the whole. Some of them might even point to taps from neighboring houses and tell you that you can get water from there.

After getting a house, you still have to face landlord or landlady palava. Read about an experience from our write and feel free to send us your experience so we can share it.

It’s not like every agents are the same, but you have to agree with me that we’ve experienced one of these things before on a house hunt. I possibly could not cover everything I’ve experienced in this article but leave a comment below if you can relate to these and share your experience.


  • Olumide

    This is hilarious, interesting and very true.
    Nice article ILÉ

  • Abdulkadir Zubairu

    I can most definitely relate to all these. House hunting is an extreme sport abeg

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