Traveling and visiting new places can be fun but do you know what’s isn’t? Relocation.

Relocating to a new place or even a different state can be a bit of an hassle. From budgeting to planning to finding a suitable apartment slowly takes its toll on you. Same can be said for new corpers posted to a location they have never been before or have family there.

iile house rent


Not to worry, IILÉ is a property hub in Kwara that connects property managers and owners to tenants such as fresh students, postgraduate students, indigenes and NYSC members.

IILÉ has done all the work for you by getting all the best houses to choose from to one place on

You can search for a house, compare prices, compare styles and even pay online (coming soon). Our houses are verified and we deal with the direct property manager or house owners.

With IILÉ , the stress accompanied with find a house or the time consumed and most times paying for houses that aren’t worth the money are no longer a concern.

iile house rent


You spend 3 weeks in camp worrying about where you’d stay when the orientation is over or where to start from when looking for a house.

We got you covered at

If you are a corper that has been recently posted to Kwara state, why not take this opportunity to rent easily saving time and money on, browse through our list of verified houses now.

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