Moving to a new city in Abuja can be a drag especially when you ask for people’s opinion on the place. As if finding a place you like isn’t hard enough, wait till you hear what they have to say.

It’s too far from town

If you’re not living in the central district, then everywhere seems far in Abuja. It comes down to your mode of transportation, if you have a car or can afford a dedicated taxi like Bolt, Uber or Along on a regular basis, nowhere seems far. But when you have to hail a taxi or hop from one taxi to another (AREA 1! LIFE CAMP!! BANEX!!!) after waiting for several minutes for the taxi to fill up in addition to the never ending stops to drop off and pick up passengers, then you might argue that it is indeed far.

There’s never light in that area

I bet you were thinking generator when you heard alternative source of electricity

Abuja is known for its constant power supply but just like any other state in Nigeria there are places that experience poor power supply. Even in places with good power supply, they still experience shortage every now and then. So, it’s never a bad idea to have an alternative source of electricity until the electricity problem in Nigeria is fixed. Kubwa experiences both good and poor power supply depending on your location there. Apo district also experiences good power supply but has been poor as of the time of this post. Maitama can brag of the location with the best power supply but you have to put your lifestyle into consideration.

Rent is cheap/expensive there

Like in the final part of the last section, your lifestyle really determines what’s cheap or expensive to you. Maitama is known for the most expensive rent. So while you enjoy steady electricity, you may have to pay steeply for rent. Asokoro, Wuse and Gwarimpa follow closely to Maitama for its high rent rate. Apo district, Kubwa, Dawaki and close vicinity to these locations offer you some style and affordability. But if you want much cheaper options then head to the outskirts of Abuja.

There’s always a robbery there

Combat dog - Special Anti Robbery Squad SARS Abuja
Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARS

Oftentimes, this is said by people that have never lived in these places before. Robberies happen everywhere, blame that on the state of security in the country. Even though it’s usually hearsay, we should never let our guards down and take necessary precautions to stay safe.

The houses there are small and old

old-building 5 things youd hear when moving to a new area in abuja iile
Yes! There are buildings like this in Abuja

Well some locations in Abuja have existed for a long time now so you should expect some really really old houses. Kado and Gwarimpa take the lead on this one with their ridiculously high rent for old buildings. You’d have to give places like Apo District, Dutse and Lugbe a chance because they offer better apartments with reasonable rates of Abuja standard. I cannot fail to mention Maitama once again for its exquisite architecture but again check your pocket first.

This post cannot end without mentioning that villages still exist in Abuja, traffic can be a pain in some locations and road development has been slow in new areas. 

So make your pros and cons list and decide on the lesser evil that fits your lifestyle.

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  • Wuraola

    I like this because everyone seems to forget that Abuja although the FCT is just like every other state in Nigeria with its own Lekki-Ajah and Ajegunle and even the areas on the border like Badagry.
    Choosing a house irrespective of your location always comes down your pocket and definitely your lifestyle.

    • IILÉ

      Thank you Wuraola for sharing your thoughts on this post. We’d appreciate it if you share the link to this post on your social media.

      • Irene Okoli

        This is so true about Abuja. Interesting read👍

  • Femi Salman

    Without this post one would think Abuja is all modern and urban without any touch of rural areas there. Nice exposè

  • Ogechi

    A nice piece of well organized thought, Abuja is an urban city but mostly rural urban settlements, developing like every other state.

    • IILÉ

      Thank you for your comment Ogechi. We’d appreciate it if you share the link to this post on your social media.

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