Imagine having to always live on the edge in order not to have any palava with anyone, that’s what it’s like living with your landlord or landlady for me.

iile gra 3bdr landlady palava
3 bedroom apartment in GRA Ilorin

I was excited about my new place

I got a new place somewhere in Basin. It wasn’t a student area so I was expecting calmness and no unnecessary drama. Or so I thought. Little did I know that I was in for a different kind of drama. The place is fenced in a gated compound, there are just 3 self-contain rooms there and the landlady’s building.  There is water, and the electricity supply is good enough, so, I was quite happy with myself for getting such a nice place plus the rent was better than some I had seen.

Let me tell you a little about myself

I’m the type of person that doesn’t go out unless I have something important to do outside. I could be indoors for days without leaving my room as long as I have electricity and food at home.

O ga o, a jo wa ninu ile yi fun ojo marun o de ki mi

I just moved in and the landlady drama started

It happened during the first few weeks of me living in mama J’s compound (not real name) when we had our first encounter. I was at home for about 5 days and I didn’t set a foot outside, hence, I didn’t see anybody and didn’t need to greet anyone.

On the fifth day sha, I went to get something outside and I met my landlady at the gate and greeted her. She just sha responded somehow, “shoo!!” I was just wondering what happened again o. On my way back from where I went to, I met her at the gate like “Ceberus guarding the underworld”. She was now like, “O ga o, a jo wa ninu ile yi fun ojo marun o de ki mi” meaning “we’ve been together in this compound for five days and you didn’t greet me”. Ahan, for my mind I was just wondering how I will greet you when we didn’t see. Abi, you want me to come and knock on your door in the morning and come and be “dobale-ing ni”? The thing sha confuse me.

“Ashey” it didn’t end there o. I have not seen anything, make I go chop first, I’ll tell you the rest later. Maybe I should have used the best house plug in Kwara,, to find an apartment.

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  • Irene Okoli

    Lol, wahala for who live with landlady.
    The world is not ready for my own story

    Love just got better with ille

    • IILÉ

      We’re ready, let’s hear your story. Send to our email and we’ll post it here

  • Olumide

    It seems the landlady is living off of your greetings (lol). Very hilarious

    • IILÉ

      Right? We’re glad you enjoyed the story.

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